AUTHOR: Responder TITLE: The Drunk Angle DATE: 2/17/2006 10:03:00 AM ----- BODY:
A conspiracy theory popular amongst the kook left blogs is the hunting party of Dick Cheney and Harry Whittington were all drunk when they went hunting and that was why this hunting accident happened. Whittington has said there was no drinking involved, but for the kooks like Atrios, that's not good enough:
If the White House wants people to stop speculating about whether Cheney was shitfaced when he shot a man in the face they could encourage Cheney's good friend acquaintance Whittington to release the blood alcohol test results. It won't prove whether Cheney was or wasn't drinking but it will certainly be a decent piece of evidence for or against the claim that people were drinking. Whittington's doctors won't comment on the question.
Of course Whttington's doctors won't comment. They're ethically and legally bound not to disclose such information. The problem with Atrios's suggestion is that it would answer nothing to the Bush/Cheney hating kook fringe. Let's say Whittington acquiesed and released the results showing them to be negative. Does anybody really think Atrios or those who think like him would simply drop the matter? Even if we lived in a world they did in the film, 'The Final Cut', and we could see what happened through Cheney's eyes that entire day and it proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was nothing more than an accident, Atrios and his ilk would claim the recording was doctored. Let me tell you, Oliver Stone has nothing on these people. Kevin Aylward basically puts the issue to bed. For those of us who live on planet Earth.